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  • Majority of Foreign Language Speakers in Finland find Swedish language “essential” part of the country
    Foto: Kevin Hendersen, Unsplash
    Majority of Foreign Language Speakers in Finland find Swedish language “essential” part of the country

     According to a recent survey carried out by Helsinki Times and Think Tank Magma, foreign-born residents in Finland have a strong level of awareness of the status of the Swedish language in Finland. Two thirds are able to correctly state the size of Finland’s Swedish-speaking population, and majority of the respondents agreed that Swedish language is an essential component of Finnish society.

  • Population Decline and Its Effects in Europe
    Population Decline and Its Effects in Europe

    “At current fertility rates, we Europeans are basically breeding ourselves out of existence.” This was one of the comments made by Dr Nils Erik Forsgård, Director of Magma, during his opening remarks at the Ralf Dahrendorf Roundtable on Population Decline and Its Effects in Europe, organised in Helsinki on 19 November 2019. Europe as a whole is facing a severe demographic challenge.

  • Minority Policies in Europe 1990–2018
    Minority Policies in Europe 1990–2018

    The 1990s are generally perceived as the Golden Years of minority rights. However, developments have since taken a different turn. What made the 1990s so successful, and what has since changed? These are some of the main questions raised in this pamphlet.

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About Magma

Magma is a Finnish think tank that was founded in 2008. Magma performs an analytical function and serves as an arena for discussion. It supports liberal values and is independent of party politics. The focus of Magma’s work is creating ideas and debate, as well as knowledge on topical societal issues. Extensive knowledge and expertise in minority issues makes Magma a leading think tank in minority affairs in particular.

Magma undertakes comparative studies within a European context and cooperates with think tanks both in Finland and abroad. Since 2012 Magma has been a member of European Liberal Forum (ELF).

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Magma's employees

Nils Erik Forsgård

is Director of Magma. He is a docent of the history of ideas and has previously acted as visiting professor at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and as Professor of History at the University of Helsinki. He has written a number of books on themes such as the current state of Europe (”Dagarnas skum. Anteckningar från ett år i Europa 2014–2015”, 2015), Swedish thinker Anders Chydenius (”Ingens herre, ingens träl”, 2014) and Earnest Hemingway (”Hemingway: en betraktelse”, 2011).

+358 (0)50 3386963
Mikko Majander

is a researcher at Magma. Majander is a docent of political history at the University of Helsinki and previous Director of the social democratic think tank Kalevi Sorsa Foundation. Majander is an active participant in the Finnish public debate and the author of several books on democracy, Finnish political history and other topics, including ”Lukemisen hulluus” (2014), ”Paasikivi, Kekkonen ja avaruuskoira” (2010), ”Demokratiaa dollareilla” (2007) and ”Pohjoismaa vai kansandemokratia?” (2004).

+358 (0)40 530 5489
Lia Markelin

is a researcher at Magma. Markelin holds a PhD in social sciences and her research has focused on state policies on diversity and minorities. Her previous experiences include working as Associate Professor at the Sámi University College in Kautokeino, Norway, and as a coordinator for cooperation between Swedish- and bilingual universities and colleges in the Helsinki area.

+358 (0)40 7251775
Lina Winqvist Normoyle

is communication’s officer at Magma. Winqvist Normoyle holds a Master of Science Degree in Economics and Business Administration as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism. She has previously worked at Svenska Yle with communication, social media, webb, tv and radio and at Projekt Fredrika with open data.

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