Making sense of the Russian bear metaphor: The image of a threatened bear distracts us from understanding Russia’s actions

In trying to understand Russia’s actions in the context of the war in Ukraine, it is important to approach the use of the bear metaphor critically. In domestic use, the metaphor creates an image of a country acting in self-defence and deflects attention away from systemic problems.

Political Islam Fails Egypt’s Test

The op-ed columnist of The New York Times Roger Cohen writes about the situation in Egypt.

Finland is a hostage of its history

I gästkolumnen skriver Alexis Kouros, chefredaktör för Helsinki Times, om sin egen erfarenhet av krig och om Finlands roll i historien.

The Blight of Return

The Op-Ed Columnist Roger Cohen writes in the New Yok Times about the sitaution in the Middle East.

Wake up call

They call it the "City of Minarets", but it could just as well be called the city of hatred, blood, rape and sorrow. Even 16 years after the bloody civil war, the air is heavy with contempt, and faces are long with grief. Bullet-ridden buildings on every block are reminders of a harsh time not long left...
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